Performer. Producer. Educator.

Upcoming Events

Every  Friday Night at Cushing Street
This Friday May 4th
6:30 to 9 :30 pm
Pete Swan Trio
Scott Davis guitar
Scott Black bass

Every Saturday  Night at Sullivan's
This Saturday May 5th
6:00 to 9 :00 pm
Pete Swan Trio
a great mix of jazz in the early evening
moving to R&B in the last set
Chris Pena Keys
Lexa Raquel vocals

Every Sunday  Night at Sullivan's
the finest in jazz and cocktails
6:00 to 9 :00 pm
Pete Swan Trio with a guest
This Sunday May 6th
Brice Winston Saxophone
Angelo Versace keyboards
Scott Black bass

Sing, Sing, Sing! Special Big Band Concert!
featuring  great hits of the big band era

 Concert June 9th with Big Band Express and Armen Dirtadia
at the Gaslight Music Hall 6 to 8 pm

Tickets for Sing, Sing, Sing!

Reoccurring Events


Every Saturday and Sunday night from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm with the Pete Swan Trio

Cushing Street

Every Friday night from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm with the Pete Swan Trio


Click below to hear some recent clips of Pete Swan playing!

About Pete

Pete Swan is a drummer, producer, bandleader, educator and author. He has studied and been inspired by his teachers; Don Worth, Mel Brown, Gary Cook, Jeff Hamilton and Artt Frank. He has performed with a long list of notable artists including: Bud Shank, Bob Florence, Doug Webb, John Clayton, Terrell Stafford, The Clayton –Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, Bill Mays, Bob Mover, Kristin Korb, Judy Roberts, Greg Fishman and many others. As a producer and co-producer he has put together hundreds of shows, including New Year’s Eve with Rick Braun, as part of Swanrise productions, and jazz shows with Ali Ryerson, Marcus Printup, Mike Eckroth, Emmett Cohen, Greg Abate, Mark Pompe, Greg Fishman and Judy Roberts and many others. He is the leader and drummer of Big Band Express, featuring some of the top professionals in the Southwest producing shows dedicated to Ella Fitzgerald, Buddy Rich, and Frank Sinatra. As a Tucson musician he is playing in several venues with the very best musicians on a weekly basis. He ran one of the longest running jam sessions at the Old Pueblo Grill for over 13 years and has played with all the top players in Tucson in countless situations. For over 20 years he was on the faculty at the Bud Shank Jazz Workshop and then Centrum Jazz Workshop in Port Townsend Washington, performing in a trio with Reuel Lubag and bassist Kristin Korb behind artists such as Bill Mays, Nancy King and many others. He co-wrote the Essentials of Be-Bop Drumming with drummer and mentor Artt Frank, long time drummer with Chet Baker on Schaffner Press. Pete is also is on the faculty at the Tucson Jazz Institute, one of the top jazz programs in the country and enjoys teaching privately out of his home studio.

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